The achievements and talents of people with disabilities are often overlooked. In fact, people with disabilities often give “surprises” for their ideas and talents. International Special Education Got Talent “ISEGT” is an appreciation event to showcase the work and potential of people with disabilities. ISEGT is part of the 14th International Conference on Special Education in South-east Asia Region (ICSAR) 2024. ISEGT 2024 aims to foster the spirit of work and creativity of people with disabilities throughout Southeast Asia. This activity was also held to foster public empathy for the potential and opportunities of people with disabilities in international society. ISEGT 2024 is themed “Talent and Crown: Fly Your Dream Beyond”.

ISEGT 2024 carries the theme “Talent and Crown: Fly Your Dream Beyond”. ISEGT gives appreciation to all people with disabilities in Southeast Asia in developing their talents, interests, and innovations in talent show competitions, such as singing, dancing, pantomime, song, or poetry creation, playing musical instruments, and so on for all groups. ISEGT 2024 participants are advised to be under the auspices of an official organization or agency.